Big Data And Cloud Computing


RED7 Technologies helps enterprises in fulfilling their digital transformation goals by offering its stack of cloud computing services. Our differentiated cloud based services include assessment, migration, integration, and operation of workflows in a multi-cloud environment. Cloud helps enterprises to deliver better quality products and services and outmanoeuvre rivals by increasing productivity, reducing waste, and enhancing security.

Increased competition, the rising cost of operations, and the advent of new technologies are forcing enterprises to move over their legacy systems and adopt cloud based resources. RED7 Technologies help start-ups, SMEs and large enterprises to leverage cloud computing to enhance value proposition – swiftly, efficiently, and cost effectively. We help enterprises to sharpen management insights, enhance customer experiences, create new revenue streams, and scale in size using the cloud.

Mere adopting the cloud does not bring any tangible benefits when everyone else does the same. The solution lies in developing the right cloud strategy, selecting the right cloud resources, and designing the cloud foundation, be it on premise, cloud or hybrid. At RED7 Technologies, we accelerate large scale cloud migration, be it in the form of SaaS, PaaS, DaaS, or IaaS platforms.


To remain competitive, enterprises must analyze large data sets using statistics, predictive modelling, and analytics to study market trends, patterns of customer behaviour, unknown correlations, and myriad other information. These help them to enhance their decision making process and be well informed about the larger business and technology ecosystem.

Big data analytics from RED7 Technologies help enterprises garner new revenue streams, enhanced operational efficiencies, and better customer experiences. We help enterprises adopt big data and cloud technology to deliver quality outcomes that are scalable and cost effective. The benefits of big data analytics in cloud encompass improved analysis, simplified infrastructure, reduced waste, lowering of costs, and enhanced security and privacy.